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جديد العروض

امكانية تنظيم اقامة للدراسة فى بلغاريا وهى اقامة مؤقته بعدد سنوات الدراسة

من خلال الاقامة الدراسية يمكنك اكمال دراستك فى الجامعات البلغارية وتمكنك من دخول بعض دول الاتحاد الاوربى بدون تأشيره وبعض الدول تحتاج الى تأشيره شنجن يمكن الحصول عليها بسهوله من داخل بلغاريا باقامتك الدراسية

Full pricing and procedures for Students 2019-2020:

1. You have to provide a list of documents for submission to the University and the Ministry of Education. You pay € 2.250. (Including translation costs of legalized documents with apostille, if you cannot legalize them with apostille, you have to legalize all documents in Bulgarian consulate yourself. Then the payment amount will be reduced to € 1.750).



2. As soon as we receive the documents we apply to get permission for you.

3. Then you will pay €400 and we do for you a contract of employment (if we could not get for you a room in student hostel, which will cost only €250.), Insurance and send all documents to you.

4. You get all that documents and apply for visa D to Bulgarian Consulate in country of your residence.

At this moment, our contract with you ends. Then you come to Bulgaria and you prolong the residence permit (we will help). The residence permit will cost around €350-€400 per year including all expenses.

Pricing for Education:

If you know English, the language test online will cost €150 and payment will be done online directly to the university.

If the first year you will learn English, the cost for per semester will be €1.250 or €2.500 per year.

If you know English and you passed the Test, the education will cost €1.450 per semester (€2.900 per year).

After you finish your education - you can apply to study at Masters


Varna University


Computer technologies

Industrial management

Captain of ship navigation

Ship Engineering  

Naval Academy

Navigation (€1.500 semester / year €3.000)

Frame construction engineer (shipbuilding) - €2.000 Semester / Year €4.000

Forthcoming dates:

1. Language test online - August 2019

2. Language training begins in January 2020

3. The Study starts in September 2019 


فيزا اقامة دائمة فى قبرص الاتحاد الاوربى تمنح مباشره بالشروط التالية

Visa F in Cyprus

We can arrange for people to get lifetime visa (F) in Cyprus. With this Visa they can live in Cyprus forever, only they can’t work here officially. To get, it takes 7-10 months.

It will be done by Lawyer, which already did for hundreds of foreigners, including Iranian and Arab people. So far all of them got 100%.

The price for one person is 4000 euros, for the family up to 5 person – 7500 euros only for all the 5 persons.

The requirements:

  1. Copy of passport, the page with photo.
  2. Bank reference letter from the bank where they have account.
  3. They have to show 9000 euros on account for the person and 4500 euros for each other person in family.
  4. Proof of address ( any Utility bill or bank statement that proofs his address)
  5. 3 photos passport size
  6. Police report for no crime from the residence area for the last period he can.
  7. Then we have to open an account in any Cyprus bank for them, where they have to deposit from 20.000 till 30.000 Euros (depends how big is the family) and block them for only 3 years as a guaranty.
  8. Medical insurance in Cyprus, which costs 180 euros for each person.